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Meet Bernadette Joy

Founder of Crush Your Money Goals

She takes personal finance personally. Overwhelmed and ignored by traditional finance, she learned not just to talk the talk. She walks the walk, having paid off over $300,000 of debt in three years and is on her way to her first $1M of net worth.
From casual to corporate, she can engage any audience. While she has over a decade of Fortune 100 experience, three degrees and numerous certifications, she's known more for her relatable and energetic media persona.

Dubbed her "magic recipe" by Good Morning America, she's taught her trademarked five-step Crush Your Money Goals® method to change the face of wealth, focusing on helping women and BIPOC communities learn how to build wealth.

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Meet Natalie Eicher

Co-CEO & Co-Founder of Mettacool

A female-focused coaching and talent development consultancy that enables organizations to retain and advance its valuable talent, while helping women advance their careers and well-being in parallel so they can find sustainable success.

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